Care That Meets Every Individual’s Needs

We provide exceptional Nursing Care, Residential Care, Dementia Care, and Respite Care within a community setting here at Manor Grange. Our team works tirelessly to help each resident reach their full potential, allowing them to live a happy and comfortable life each and every day.

Manor Grange is a luxury, private residential care home in Edinburgh with all of the home amenities you’d expect from a high-end residence. We believe in tailoring a unique care plan to support the specific requirements of each resident.

What is Our Care Home in Edinburgh Suitable For?

  • Residential Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Respite Care
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Visual Impairment
  • Cancer Care
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Stroke
  • Physical Disability
  • Sensory Impairment
  • No Medical Intervention
  • Palliative Care

For further information about our specialist care types please get in touch with our care professionals who will be happy to help. 

Residential Care 

We provide an inviting and pleasant atmosphere in which people can enjoy group living as well as independence while avoiding the stress and strain of maintaining a household. Residents have lots of opportunities to live an active and individualised lifestyle within a care community, where they also receive the highest level of care and assistance whenever they may need it.

Living Room at Manor Grange Care Home
Private Dining Room at Manor Grange Care Home

Dementia Care

All of our staff get educated level dementia care training, which covers the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed by all professionals in health and social service sectors, with a focus on understanding, awareness, and building relationships. Our care staff receive advanced dementia training to ensure that they have a broad range of knowledge and abilities to assist with the many stages of dementia. We work hard to help each resident live an enjoyable life and get the most out of their stay.

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Nursing Care

Our skilled and dedicated nursing team can care for individuals with physical limitations, who need high levels of reliance, have become frail, or require end-of-life care. Residents in our care community receive the best care possible at all times of the day and night. You may rest assured that all of your care needs and well-being needs are taken care of, with rooms fitted with specialist features such as profiling beds, pressure relieving mattresses, hoists, and transfer aids.

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Respite Care

Individuals are entitled to respite care in our private care home, where they are given the best possible care at all times of the day and night on a short-term basis. Our person-centred approach means that we take care of our residents as a whole, providing them with the opportunity to recover and relax whether someone is recovering from an illness or injury, or needs a break from caring. 

Manor Grange Bedroom
Tea and Pastries

Palliative Care

Palliative care, also known as end-of-life care, is a specialised care service provided to individuals facing a life-limiting illness, disability or medical condition who are at the final stage of their care journey. The main objective of palliative care is to prioritise a person’s comfort by relieving pain and symptoms while maintaining the person’s dignity and honouring their wishes.

Manor Grange Bedroom
Hands on Top of One Another Comforting

What You’ll Find at Manor Grange

Our care home has been carefully designed with a variety of facilities and services for residents’ comfort and convenience, allowing them to live life to the fullest in their own individual way.

Nurse Call Systems

Profiling Beds

Bespoke Care Plans

Access to GP

Access to a Chiropodist

Access to a Physiotherapist

Access to a Optician

Access to a Dentist

Lead an Enriched Lifestyle

There is so much to see and do at Manor Grange Care Home. We have a vast range of facilities for residents to get the most out of their stay on a daily basis. From quiet lounge areas, to a luxe cinema room, and a charming library. There are possibilities to participate in gardening activities for everyone who likes the outdoors in our fantastic garden which includes a putting green. Our Well-being Coordinators guarantee that each day is unique by encouraging residents to participate in group activities such as exercise, arts and crafts, music therapy, and home baking. We make every effort to make each day as exciting and pleasurable as possible.

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