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At Manor Grange Care Home, we are pleased to be able to provide a high standard of specialist Dementia Care for people living with dementia at our care home in Edinburgh as well as residential care, nursing care, respite care and palliative care. Our dementia care teams have all received professional training in dealing with all aspects and severities of Dementia. At Manor Grange Care Home, our approach to dementia care is resident-led, fostering next-level care that seamlessly integrates with the natural rhythms of our residents’ lives, ensuring a compassionate and personalised experience tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

Our Care Assistants and Activity Coordinators go above and beyond, collaborating with dementia residents and their loved ones to identify activities and therapies that are appropriate for their specific needs and to help them flourish, as they understand the benefits that living a fulfilled life can have on older people.

What is Dementia Care? 

Dementia is a long-term illness that impacts mental functions in a variety of ways, including difficulties with speech and memory loss in older people. Those living with dementia can continue to live their lives to the fullest with the correct care and attention, whilst participating in their favourite activities. Our goal in caring for residents is to help them preserve their sense of self and independence for as long as feasible. At Manor Grange Care Home, we understand that no two people living with dementia are the same, and that although some people with dementia may only require minor assistance in managing their daily life, others may require considerably more.

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Dementia Care at Manor Grange Care Home

At our dementia care home in Edinburgh, our staff is trained in dealing with a range of dementia symptoms, with a focus on understanding, awareness, and building relationships. Our Care staff receives advanced training to ensure that they have a broad range of understanding and abilities relevant to the many stages of the dementia journey. We work hard to help each resident enjoy the everyday, allowing them to make the most out of life and we take pride in giving high-quality care and respect to all. We are proud to be regulated by the Care Inspectorate. The Care Inspectorate is an independent regulator that assesses the quality of care in dementia care homes and nursing homes in Scotland.

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What You’ll Find at Manor Grange

Our care home has been carefully designed with a variety of facilities and services for residents’ comfort and convenience, allowing them to live life to the fullest in their own individual way.

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Dementia Care FAQs

Before a resident moves in with us at Manor Grange Care Home, we provide a consultation with them and their loved ones to ensure we can meet their individual needs. We work with our residents and their loved ones to understand their routines, interests, and preferences which we then incorporate into their care plans. We adopt a person-centred approach to care and want to help residents maintain their independence and dignity whilst making sure they know we are here to support them at all times.

Our dementia care team undergoes regular training to ensure they have a broad range of understanding relevant to the many stages of the dementia journey. From supporting residents with activities and therapies to helping them with communication and personal care, our teams have the experience and knowledge to provide effective care to our residents with dementia. 




At Manor Grange Care Home, we provide a wellbeing programme for all which includes both group and 1:1 activities and therapies. For example, we regularly hold arts & crafts sessions, music therapy, reminiscence activities, and more. Activities and therapies are designed to help stimulate the physical, cognitive, and social wellbeing of our residents, including those with dementia.

Care That Meets Every Individual’s Needs

We endeavour to create a relaxing and pleasurable environment for our residents while simultaneously providing first-class care to each and every one of them. We are able to provide everyone with a rich lifestyle and the highest quality of life by gaining a complete understanding of their needs and putting in place comprehensive care plans tailored to each individual. Our entire team is dedicated to providing compassionate, person-centred care and support, ensuring that each resident enjoys every part of their stay at our residence.    

Lead an Enriched Lifestyle

There is so much to see and do at Manor Grange Care Home. We have a vast range of facilities for residents to get the most out of their stay on a daily basis. From quiet lounge areas, to a luxe cinema room, and a charming library. There are possibilities to participate in gardening activities for everyone who likes the outdoors in our fantastic garden which includes a putting green. Our Well-being Coordinators guarantee that each day is unique by encouraging residents to participate in group activities such as exercise, arts and crafts, music therapy, and home baking. We make every effort to make each day as exciting and pleasurable as possible.

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