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Here at Manor Grange Care Home we are committed to ensuring our residents live a fulfilled and happy life. We proudly offer a whole host of activities and entertainment that our residents can enjoy; our dedicated Well-being Coordinator ensures that there is always something interesting going on for our residents to participate in, including our wonderful and engaging arts and crafts sessions. 

We have a wide range of premium facilities available as well as a stimulating activity program that our residents are encouraged to involve themselves in. Each of our residents are able to access all facilities, activities and luxuries available at Manor Grange equally, without worrying about additional costs – which is why we provide our services on an all-inclusive basis.

Inclusive & Accessible Activities

It is extremely important to us that every activity available here at Manor Grange Care Home can be enjoyed by all of our residents. We want all of our residents to be able to try out new activities in a safe, controlled and regulated way, which will fill them with the confidence they need to continue living fulfilled and happy lives. All sessions are designed specifically for our wonderful residents, with the goal of motivating and inspiring everyone who takes part in our activities.

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Engaging Creative Arts

Every one of our sessions is meant to motivate and inspire everyone who attends. We encourage all of our residents to be able to try out new activities in a safe, controlled and regulated way, which will fill them with the confidence they need to continue living fulfilled and happy lives. All classes are designed specifically for our residents, with the goal of motivating and engaging each participant. Residents are also taken out into the local community to join local group sessions which helps individuals to socialise with others outside of the home.

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What You’ll Find at Manor Grange

Our care home has been carefully designed with a variety of facilities and services for residents’ comfort and convenience, allowing them to live life to the fullest in their own individual way.

Art Supplies

Group Activity

Seasonal Crafts

Arts & Crafts FAQs

Any materials or tools a resident may need to use for their arts and crafts projects will be covered by the weekly fee.

Residents can get creative in any way they wish. Some examples of previously held sessions include flower arranging, painting and paper maché.

Residents can keep any of their arts or crafts creations. Staff may ask to display work around the home for special occasions.

Lead an Enriched Lifestyle

There is so much to see and do at Manor Grange Care Home. We have a vast range of facilities for residents to get the most out of their stay on a daily basis. From quiet lounge areas, to a luxe cinema room, and a charming library. There are possibilities to participate in gardening activities for everyone who likes the outdoors in our fantastic garden which includes a putting green. Our Well-being Coordinators guarantee that each day is unique by encouraging residents to participate in group activities such as exercise, arts and crafts, music therapy, and home baking. We make every effort to make each day as exciting and pleasurable as possible.

Care That Meets Every Individual’s Needs

We endeavour to create a relaxing and pleasurable environment for our residents while simultaneously providing first-class care to each and every one of them. We are able to provide everyone with a rich lifestyle and the highest quality of life by gaining a complete understanding of their needs and putting in place comprehensive care plans tailored to each individual. Our entire team is dedicated to providing compassionate, person-centred care and support, ensuring that each resident enjoys every part of their stay at our residence.    

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