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Manor Grange Care Home proudly offers residents a quiet safe space in our beautiful, purpose built library. Our tranquil library is the ideal location for residents to relax in and read a favourite book or get lost in a new one. 

Reading is great for mental and cognitive stimulation, helping to keep the brain active and engaged. Our library, which includes popular classics such as Jane Austin as well as more modern literature, aims to provide something for everyone; a well-written book can transport individuals to other realms and stimulate the imagination.

Discover Something New

Our fully stocked library is the perfect place for residents to discover something new. Filled with a wide variety of books, periodicals, table games and a computer means there is something for everyone. From finding a new favourite author, losing yourself in history, winning a game of chequers or sending emails to old friends, residents have every opportunity to discover something new at the library here at Manor Grange.

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Our Library Shelf

What You’ll Find at Manor Grange

Our care home has been carefully designed with a variety of facilities and services for residents’ comfort and convenience, allowing them to live life to the fullest in their own individual way.

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Care That Meets Every Individual’s Needs

We endeavour to create a relaxing and pleasurable environment for our residents while simultaneously providing first-class care to each and every one of them. We are able to provide everyone with a rich lifestyle and the highest quality of life by gaining a complete understanding of their needs and putting in place comprehensive care plans tailored to each individual. Our entire team is dedicated to providing compassionate, person-centred care and support, ensuring that each resident enjoys every part of their stay at our residence.    

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