Manor Grange get Moving!

Here at Manor Grange Care Home, we love nothing more than seeing our residents participate in fun, physical-based activities that raise their heartbeat as well as their mood. Our wonderful Activity Coordinator ensures the Activity Programme available to our residents is packed with a wide range of things to do every day.

We witness the benefits that an active lifestyle has on our residents, which is why we encourage everyone who lives with us to participate in a gentle exercise programme, try something new or to maintain current hobbies. Life at Manor Grange is always fun, engaging and the ideal place for residents to enjoy physical activities in a safe environment.

This month has seen our lovely residents enjoying a variety of activities, from the daily exercise routine that both residents and staff join in with, practising the traditional Scottish fling alongside the Manor Grange Mascot, getting involved in an afternoon of dancing, Salsa and Cheerleading session and joining in with professional dancers Maria & Carolina who wowed everyone with their energetic Latino Dance Display.

Exercising at Manor Grange is always fun and something our residents thoroughly enjoy getting involved with and look forward to. As well as bringing joy, our exercise programme comes with a whole host of benefits:

Improved Mental Health
Exercise produces endorphins which act as a stress reliever and releases the ‘happy hormone’, leaving you feeling happy.

Social Benefits
Exercise provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the social benefits it naturally brings.  Whether as part of a walking group, participating in a group fitness class or are a member of the gardening club, each event can be made into a fun social event.

Improved Cognitive Function
Regular physical activity and fine-tuned motor skills benefit cognitive function. Combined with improved strength and flexibility that comes from regular exercising, also helps improve balance and coordination.

If you’re looking to accommodate yourself or a loved one in our care home and would like to find out more information about the care options we have to offer and daily life here in Edinburgh, we welcome you to get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be ready and waiting to help.

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