Manor Grange receive a visit from Therapy Ponies Scotland

Miniature Shetland ponies, Flicker and Wilson, brought a lot of smiles and laughter.

With their flashing noses and tiny lace-up booties, ponies Flicker and Wilson brought a lot of fun and happiness in to our care home. Therapy Ponies Scotland, which is owned by Elaine and John Sangster, visit care homes and hospitals around the country with their lovable pets, aiming to spread a little joy to people who might otherwise feel lonely, isolated or sad.

Caring for animals can bring a range of health benefits for older people and some studies have found that stroking animals can significantly reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. Our activities coordinator, Maureen Cameron said: “The visits make the residents a lot brighter, more alert and really have a positive effect on them.

If you were to come back here in a couple of weeks, most of the residents will be able to tell you about the day the ponies came – it’s one of the few things they will remember.”

You can read the full news article and watch a short video of the visit here:

Pic Credit: Andrew Cawley

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